Spot colors and prints up to 100x33cm!

High quality digital printing

we're on top of it!

You're meeting our work almost everywhere... 
In malls, on the airports, in your post box, in the restaurants 
or on that race, you'll be running next week...


Modern technology

always something new, always eco-friendly...

We're always monitoring the current trends and innovations and pack our production with the most advanced machines. That is how we're always able to provide the best quality, short production lead times and a wide range of products.
Since 2012, ecological operation is of the highest focus for us.


All-around service

PrintPoint-ers do the maximum for your satisfaction!

We're bringing you not just the high quality printing - but also a complex and flawless service. Every customer has his contact person that helps with each request, prepares quotes, communicates with the graphic studio and always has the information on the actual status of your orders.



High reliability

Not once, but every time!

To achieve great quality outcome we need more than perfect systems, competent employees and never-ending focus on detail. We see the main point in everyone's enthusiasm! We love what we do and we naturally thrive for perfection!



Innovative solutions

Whatever you're looking for - calendar, corrugated stand, invitations or even placement of photos of your best employees on the reception - we're always here to support. We'll always trying to give our best advices and solutions, wherever you're looking for them!



Colours, chromaticity and calibration

Perfect and modern machines, eco-friendly toners, top-notch RIP software, calibrated displays, correct showroom review lighting and daily colour calibrations. Not just that, we also have qualified and dedicated staff with aim for perfect outcome!


Our customers

So that you know we're not lying ;-)

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